NGI Valorisation Award

Valorisation of research results has always been a major ambition of NGI. As part of the Valorisation strategy of NGI, the NGI Genomics Centres have, on top of their research budget, received an additional budget specifically for valorisation.
To further stimulate the valorisation efforts at the NGI Genomics Centres, NGI has introduced the NGI Valorisation Award for excellent valorisation performance.

The NGI Valorisation Award is an annual award of € 1 million for
the NGI Genomics Centre that has performed exceptionally in terms of valorisation. As valorisation comes in many shapes and forms that are difficult to compare, the NGI Valorisation Award has a different theme each year.

NGI Valorisation Award 2011

Excellence in societal valorisation

The annual Valorisation Award of the Netherlands Genomics Initiative (NGI), edition 2011 goes to the Centre for BioSystems Genomics (CBSG). ‘In recognition of their founding role of the DNA labs, their ongoing support and generous acknowledgement of the critical contribution of the other centres, this year’s award goes to the Centre for BioSystems Genomics’, states the jury, consisting of the members of NGI’s Valorisation Board.

The Valorisation Award 2011 was presented during the Life Sciences Momentum by Godelieve van Heteren (Rotterdam Global Health Initiative), member of the NGI Valorisation Advisory Board.
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Previous winners

2010: Cancer Genomics Centre and Centre for Medical Systems Biology

The prize money of €1 million was presented by Onno van de Stolpe (CEO Galápagos and member of the NGI Supervisory Board) during the Life Sciences Momentum held on 23 November 2010.
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2009: VIRGO Consortium

The VIRGO Consortium and its network of associated corporate organisations have created a Dutch internationally recognised centre of excellence in respiratory diseases of viral origin. This has led to a fully integrated organisation for discovery, diagnostic and vaccine development, and providing policy, testing and regulatory advice to the global players in this sector.
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2008: Five NGI Genomics Centres from Leiden

The winner: Centre for Medical Systems Biology, Celiac Disease Consortium, Netherlands Metabolomics Centre, Netherlands Consortium for Healthy Ageing, Forensic Genomics Consortium Netherlands.

The Leiden NGI Genomics Centres took a structural approach to valorisation by pursuing close cooperation and making optimal use of LURIS, the Technology Transfer Office of Leiden University. According to the jury, the Leiden approach embodies a well-oiled machine that has already yielded impressive results, and serves as an example for how scientific research can be translated into ‘benefits for society’.
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