Public-Private Partnerships

NGI is a proponent of an incubator model in which new public-private partnerships are created, financially stimulated during a certain period and then successfully embedded.

In March 2011, NGI has organised an open call to encourage public-private partnerships in the Life Sciences. After a 2-round procedure four proposals were granted and awarded Booster Grants for public-private partnerships (P-pps) in the Life Sciences.

Consortium for Improving Plant Yield (CIPY)

The CIPY aims to exploit the inherent production potential of the model plant species Arabidopsis and to unlock its genetic capacity to grow and produce biomass.
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Medical Epigenetics Consortium (MEC)

The MEC aims to determine the epigenome of normal and leukemic human blood cells in the myeloid and erythroid lineage.
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Centre for Genome Diagnostics (CGD)

The throughput and quality of next generation DNA sequencing brings DNA-based personalised diagnostics within reach. Routine application in medical diagnostics and treatment strategies will soon become possible. The CGD aims to change this within the next five years.
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Platform Green Synthetic Biology (PGSB)

The PGSB seeks to implement the new synthetic biology approaches in a highly relevant area of Dutch biotechnology research, by harnessing them to produce plant derived chemicals in micro-organisms.
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