Big data volumes analysed in the cloud

Collaboration between NBIC and the e-BioGrid team resulted in a new service: NBIC Galaxy on Cloud. Galaxy is an open, web-based platform for data intensive biomedical research. The migration of Galaxy to the cloud allows end-users (bioinformaticians, biologists or clinical researchers) to run their analysis on the BiG Grid High Performance Computing (HPC) cloud at SARA. The Dutch cloud version of Galaxy enables processing of big data volumes and the high speed network connection provides rapid data

The NBIC Galaxy is used for genomics and proteomics data analysis. End users can easily use the web based interface to run sophisticated methods and algorithms without worrying about the local installation, maintenance, or data backups. Various NBIC BioAssist teams are also using this service to collaborate and provide integrated data analysis pipelines to end users in the life sciences and other national programme’s like the Netherlands Proteomics Centre and Ecogenomics centre.

Complicated data analysis

The NBIC Galaxy on cloud is suitable to run complicated genomics and proteomics data analysis algorithms and it can deal with large amounts of data like de novo assembly task of middle to large genomes. In addition, the NBIC Galaxy support team and the BRS-team, can help end users from non-commercial parties to conduct research better by allowing them to explore and analyse their full datasets on the server in a consistent manner. Furthermore, life scientists can be trained on this server during the Galaxy and Sequencing courses to work with state-of-the-art datasets and tools.

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