Shopping for DNA

A new shopping concept has been launched in various cities all over the Netherlands: the D&A pop-up store. The D&A Store is full of discoveries about DNA. What length has your DNA? How much DNA do you eat per day? What is your DNA code?

The store will pop up one day in an empty venue in a shopping street in Rotterdam, stay there for short time, and then disappear again to pop up in Arnhem some days or weeks later.

The store is travelling through the Netherlands, in an attempt to get as many people as possible acquainted with DNA. Visitors  experience what DNA is, and how it is interwoven in our daily life. Not as a genetic profile, but as a lifestyle.

They can print t-shirts with their own DNA, create a ringtone based on their genetic profile, obtain a personal vaccination advise and follow a crash course CSI. Kids can enjoy themselves in a special ‘Dee-en-Aa’ playground.

The D&A store is commissioned by NGI. Many research centres in the field of DNA research have also contributed to the contents of the D&A Store.

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