NGI Genomics Centres

Sixteen NGI Genomics Centres are responsible for breakthroughs in the fields of health, agro-food, sustainability, enabling technologies, safety and society.

The Genomics Centres are consortia of universities, research institutes, industry and societal organisations. They work on visionary, yet targeted programmes that cover the complete chain from fundamental science to product development to ensure optimal benefits for consumers, patients and companies.


Cancer Genomics Centre
Celiac Disease Consortium
Centre for Medical Systems Biology
Netherlands Consortium for Healthy Ageing
VIRGO Consortium


Celiac Disease Consortium
Centre for BioSystems Genomics
Netherlands Nutrigenomics Centre


Centre for BioSystems Genomics
Ecogenomics Consortium
Kluyver Centre for Genomics of Industrial Fermentation

Enabling technologies

Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre
Netherlands Consortium for Systems Biology
Netherlands Metabolomics Centre
Netherlands Proteomics Centre


Forensic Genomics Consortium Netherlands
Netherlands Toxicogenomics Centre


CSG Centre for Society and the Life Sciences

The backbone

of the Dutch