NGI combines excellent basic research and technology development with a clear focus on addressing the needs of patients, consumers, citizens and companies.

Genomics Centres: the backbone of the Dutch genomics community

The 16 NGI Genomics Centres are large-scale partnerships of university groups, research institutes, industry and societal organisations that work on visionary, yet targeted programmes. These programmes cover the complete track from basic science to applied research, as well as research into the societal implications of the products and technologies developed. Ultimately all this will also lead to product development.
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Public-Private Partnerships

In March 2011, NGI has organised an open call to encourage public-private partnerships in the Life Sciences. After a 2-round procedure four proposals were granted and awarded Booster Grants for public-private partnerships (PPPs) in the Life Sciences.
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Horizon Programme: creating new frontiers for young researchers

NGI's Horizon Programme was set up as a breeding ground for talented researchers active in genomics and/or bioinformatics.

This way, NGI aims to support talented scientists in the development of their career by allowing them to create their own line of research. In addition, NGI is confident that the wealth of new ideas generated will push back the frontiers of science, thus stimulating truly cutting-edge research.
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International activities: crossing borders, joining efforts

International collaboration comes naturally to the Netherlands. The complexity of both the scientific questions and societal issues that  are  addressed  by  life  sciences  lends even  greater  urgency  to  the  need  for sharing expertise, efforts and data.

NGI therefore participates in a number of international partnerships and takes a leading role in several of them.
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Science is

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