Overview NGI Programmes

NGI Genomics Centres

The backbone of the Dutch genomics community is formed by the
16 NGI Genomics Centres – this is where the work is done. The Genomics Centres are consortia of universities, research institutes, industry and societal organisations.

Cancer Genomics Centre   
Celiac Disease Consortium  
Centre for BioSystems Genomics   
Centre for Medical Systems Biology  
CSG Centre for Society and the Life Sciences  
Ecogenomics Consortium   
Forensic Genomics Consortium Netherlands  
Kluyver Centre for Genomics of Industrial Fermentation  
Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre   
Netherlands Consortium for Healthy Ageing  
Netherlands Consortium for Systems Biology   
Netherlands Metabolomics Centre   
Netherlands Nutrigenomics Centre   
Netherlands Proteomics Centre  
Netherlands Toxicogenomics Centre   
VIRGO Consortium  

Public-Private Partnerships

NGI is a proponent of an incubator model in which new public-private partnerships are created, financially stimulated during a certain period and then successfully embedded. NGI has recently awarded four Booster Grants for public-private partnerships (PPPs) in the Life Sciences.

Consortium for Improving Plant Yield (CIPY)   
Medical Epigenetics Consortium (MEC)  
Centre for Genome Diagnostics (CGD) 
Platform Green Synthetic Biology

The Horizon programme 

This programme was set up as a breeding ground for talented researchers active in genomics and/or bioinformatics.

Horizon Programme   

International activities

NGI participates in a number of international partnerships and takes a leading role in several of them.

Visiting Scientist Stipend programme 
Potato Genome Sequencing Consortium  
Canadian-Dutch collaboration on Brassica research   
ERA-Net Plant Genomics  
Inno-Net Valor
Sino-Dutch Centre for Preventive and Personalised Medicine   
ERA-Net for Systems Biology

NGI Valorisation

NGI has developed a range of activities that span early stage scouting activities to financial support for start-up companies.

NGI Valorisation Award 
Venture Challenge  
Life Sciences Pre-Seed Grant